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If you have ever been interrupted by a phone call while doing something important, then you can imagine how irritating that experience can be. A wave of unnecessary promotional calls can definitely ruin your day. So what can you do about it?


If you have heard about Pro Call Blocker, then you know the answer to that question. We, at Pro Call Blocker, are concerned about the worries that you face with the numerous unwanted phone calls that you get. You can now block these irritating calls, so that you can get through your day with peace of mind. Now you no longer have to leave your work halfway to go run and pick up a phone, only to find out that it was useless. With a host of products on offer, we have been providing the best Professional Call Management Systems for around 10 years now.


With this handy device, you can carry out a screening process for your incoming calls and block the numbers that you do not want to answer. This will definitely increase your day’s efficiency as you can avoid waste of time and reliably communicate with those you want to.


We aim to provide the best services to our customers so they can enjoy the complete benefits that are available from utilizing our call blocking equipment. You can contact us for further information by simply filling out the available form of Pro Call Blocker.


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Pro call Blocker allowing selective call blocking

Pro Call Blocker is set to make your life convenient and hassle free, by giving you the power to block unwanted calls. It is not uncommon for you to get disturbed by a phone call, while doing an important work or spending time with family, only to find out later that it was useless. We very well understand the inconvenience caused by such calls and have developed a revolutionary device to block unwanted calls.
Contrary to what many people believe, call blocking services are no longer complicated or expensive, as proved by our premium phone call blocker. This simple, efficient and user friendly device lets you block around 1500 phone numbers with its one touch button. This is possible by creating an easy to customize and pass code protected screening list. Pro Call Blocker then automatically blocks the incoming calls from numbers you have added in the list. When such a caller tries to call you, all he hears is a recorded message, instead of reaching you. Besides individual numbers, you can even add area codes and certain prefixes to your list and be assured that your peace of mind will no longer be interrupted.
The list of amazing features that phone call blocker is equipped with does not end here. You can store information of last 100 calls and their time and date, as well 50 recent outgoing calls. Calls without any caller ID information can also be avoided from reaching you with this device. And you can avail such wonderful benefits without paying any extra cost. It means by paying one time charges you can keep benefiting from it for a long time to come.
Telemarketing calls form a major part of the enormous number of unwanted calls people receive, which can be avoided with telemarketer call blocker. When you arrive home after a tiring day at office, all you want is to relax and enjoy your time relishing a hot dinner or watching your favorite TV programs. However it can become difficult when you keep getting calls from telemarketers, who just want to sell their products, without considering the time of the day or night when they are calling. You can easily avoid such scenario from taking place in your home, by acting wisely and opting for an efficient telemarketer call blocker.
Whether you are a professional working from home or a stay at home parent, installing Pro Call Blocker can take away the stress caused by unwanted calls. Now you can concentrate on your work and take care of your family without ever being disturbed by pesky callers.

Why choose us?

Providing a much needed respite to those annoyed by repeated unwanted calls, we offer a highly effective and efficient call blocker service.

Designed and developed to offer utmost convenience, Pro Call Blocker is equipped with plenty of useful features and can be easily attached to your phone line for constant monitoring of incoming phone calls and blocking the ones you do not wish to receive.


"Pro Call Blocker has really helped me in screening my calls and blocking unwanted calls from disturbing me. Nowadays with the extent of telemarketing increasing, the amount of promotional calls that you receive are staggering. There were times when I was receiving up to 15 calls in a day. This was causing me a lot of stress and discomfort..."
Robin Harding, businessman
I used to get a lot of calls from various telemarketers, prospective charitable organizations and the whole lot of NGO’s as well. They would often call at any time even while I was busy which was getting quite irritating. I was getting quite desperate, looking for something that would make the calls stop....”
Kevin Royce, law enforcement
"Living in a home with teenage children can be quite a challenge and my home was no different. However, we were looking for a way with which we could monitor the calls that my children made from the home phone. My husband and I were worried about the kind of people our children were hanging out with..."
Kristina Harris, high school teacher
" Being a stay at home mom is not as easy as it looks. There is always a whole lot of work to do and hardly any time to relax. With a lot of work to be done before the kids get back home it is necessary to keep a schedule to follow. However, frequent promotional calls that come can often keep you on your toes and waste a lot of your time....  "
Linda Green, stay-at-home mom
"The day I quit my office job and started working from home, I thought that life had gotten much better. Working from the comfort of your home is definitely better for the creative juices to flow. However, I never realized until this day how disturbing the phone calls that keep on coming can be. It is quite difficult to concentrate on some task..."
Andy Robinson, freelance writer

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